Kejriwal opposed demonetisation because his many associates had 100s of crores stashed away

Sacked Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra today alleged that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has close links with hawala operators and the Rs 2 crore came into the AAP coffers in April, 2014 from bogus companies.

Mishra, who has been suspended from the AAP, also alleged that a Delhi-based businessman Mukesh Kumar, who claimed to have donated Rs 2 crore to AAP in 2014, was merely a mask for proclaimed black money operators.He displayed ministry of corporate affair documents to drive home his point that Mukesh Kumar was not associated with the companies that donated Rs 2 crore to AAP.

The Income Tax department has already charged the AAP with not filing a true and correct contribution report for donations received for the assessment year 2014-15 which, after year long investigations,have been found to be over Rs 30.08 crore.

The taxman said the first audit report filed by the party to IT and the Election Commission under the provisions of the Representation of People Act, were incorrect and fabricated.The notice said that in view of these charges, the department seeks to file a prosecution complaint (charge sheet) under I-T laws in a court under sections 277A (false statement in verification) and 276C (wilful attempt to evade tax).

At the press conference today, Mishra said Mukesh Kumar, who was shown as the donor, was a VAT defaulter who has managed to get lucrative contracts from the Delhi government.Ten days before AAP took office in 2013, Mukesh Kumar’s company was slapped a notice by the Delhi government for not paying VAT. And then this person goes on to donate Rs 2 crore to AAP, he said.

He also questioned Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for not acting against Mukesh for defaulting on VAT after coming to power in 2013.

What was more damaging for the chief minister was Mishra’s charge that some of the people who control the bogus firms have links with Rohit Tandon, a Delhi-based lawyer who was recently arrested on charges of money laundering. The raids conducted by the IT department after demonetisation found crores of cash stashed at his office in South Delhi.

Why did he (Kejriwal) fiercely oppose demonetisation? Why did he travel across the country against the move? Because his men, who hoard black money, were being raided by enforcement agencies, Mishra said.

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