The film's scriptwriter and director Hansal Mehta have fallen out over a co-writer credit for Kangana

Hansal Mehta’s next film, Simran, starring Kangana Ranaut, has long been in the news. Although the film’s teaser featuring Kangana in a quirky avatar has got numerous hits, the tiff between its scriptwriter, Apurva Asrani, and director over the writing credits for the film has dampened the mood.

Apurva has refuted Kangana’s claim of being the film’s co-writer even as Hansal has constantly reiterated that she will share the writing credits for Simran with Apurva. While Apurva has been vocal about his views, Kangana had maintained a quiet stance.

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But now, Kangana has told Pinkvilla in an interview that she was heartbroken by the ugly manner in which the entire incident unfolded. Hansal too took to Twitter to express his views on the entire controversy, saying that he was guilty of crediting individuals who contribute to making my films very special to many of us.

Well, we’ll have to wait for the film’s release to see how the credits roll — in more ways than one.

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