The actor will be seen in 'Golmaal Again' next

Even as Bollywood star Ajay Devan is looking forward to the release of his next film, Golmaal Again, he wishes he could rewind to the days of yore when film stars didn’t have to contend with intrusive social media and could maintain their privacy.

In an interview yesterday, Ajay said he preferred the old days when a celebrity’s life was shrouded with mystery. He also said that when he started out, there were no ego clashes among his contemporaries but that things have changed today.

The actor felt celebrities were losing their aura in the face of exposure on social media today. He said: I feel that the aura of the star is dying. I liked the mystery that came with being a star, I still do. But today, there is so much exposure. Say, if one is not active on the social media, they may start feeling insecure seeing others doing it. They may feel the pressure.

Ajay also said that Bollywood stars used to enjoy a loyal audience earlier unlike today when audiences are not committed to any one hero or heroine.

The newer generation of audiences are not loyal to anybody. We have been lucky that a segment of the public has been loyal to us for the past 25 years. So we have that plus point. But otherwise, they will only go and watch the film that they feel they’ll understand, said Ajay.

Ajay went on to talk about how back in the days, his contemporaries had no ego clashes. I have worked with Salman, Aamir and other heroes. All of us used to work together and there were no ego problems. Nobody was insecure about what the other person was doing. Earlier, we used to have Golmaal’-like fun atmosphere on the sets of almost every film. Today, you can’t expect to have that. Maybe the newer generation has that problem.

At the same time, the Golmaal actor said the difficult-to-please attitude of today’s audience worked as a motivator. It is a good thing. It keeps you on your toes. You will have to make good films. You will have to improve the quality. Anyway, all the films cannot work at the same time. Only 30 films do well out of the 100 average ones that are made.

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It has been seven years since the first Golmaal film was made but Ajay said that it did not feel like that long. “You don’t realise that so much time has passed,” he said.

He believes that Golmaal is a film franchise where the stakeholders, be it actors or investors, have faith in the story.

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