About Us

We are not just another news website in the already crowded media space. What makes us different is our singular, distinctive voice in a media marketplace mostly defined by condescending, partisan left-liberal elitism.

We enter a world where the self-righteousness of the liberal media brooks no dissent and where political correctness and contempt for majority sentiment reign supreme.

We as a media organization carry no baggage, and we are here to capture the spirit of the new India — younger, vibrant, and dreaming big. We will hold a mirror to the ideas and aspirations of a generation left out by the cynical mainstream media.

We will of course be partisan – on the side of the increasingly vocal section that is experiencing a redeeming shift in our national evolution. We hope to be the stylus of change.

It’s not all about politics. As the soft power of India continues to gain influence in a globalised world, we will be India’s most authentic space for reading about the people who make our country a permanent cultural delight.

If Bollywood is a great unifier in an India of a million particularities, we will be telling its story live from inside the entertainment industry. Inside happenings will be brought to you not by voyeurs peering in from outside for their Page 3, but by proud members of the community who have given the nation so much joy.

India will be told and read differently!